Student Testimonials

Ryan's course was the catalyst to finally allow to me understand WTF is going on with code.  I've been trying for years to learn.  A lot of my problems come from my ADHD which is not easy to cope with.  But I found Ryan's course to be a great mix of tutorial & instruction, but most importantly it is from someone you can trust.  Ryan is not just a "developer" but he is a successful owner.  Someone I aspire to be.  I highly recommend his course, you cannot go wrong.

Carlos Arbona
I have struggled to actually learn to code for many years until I took this course. 

I cannot express just how much I recommend it for someone like me who has struggled to stick with the learning.
Sean G
I felt like this course perfectly straddled "what you need to know" and "what you should probably know." I had previously taken a few intro to coding courses... and while all of those were helpful, none of them actually resulted in me being able to scrape information, or plug into an API, or make my own executable that could do more than just some basic math or "CS 110" type assignments.
Zak Slayback

Featured Review

This might feel like I’m fluffing, but I swear I don’t say this because we’re friends: this is exactly how I’ve wanted a coding course to be. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s how I’m wired, but the content style super connected with me, probs because I couldn’t give any less of a damn about being a developer. I just want to be able to make things I want to make and I feel like people want the developing world to be complicated for complicated sake to keep people out.

Prior to f/h I’ve mostly ever noodled on wysiwyg websites, but I did try an online full stack course one time. I don’t want to say it sucked, but it def came from a developer mentality and started making huge jumps between lessons under the guise of “if you’re going to be a developer you’ve got to learn how to google.” While I agree that using your brain is imperative (for anything in life) it’s pretty hard to google how to use a hammer if you don’t know what a hammer is called or if you don’t know such a thing as a hammer even exists yet. I never finished it.

F/H felt like the opposite: no bs, was upfront about the things that weren’t important, and having the majority of the course being code along projects was exactly what my brain needs to learn. I am definitely someone that learns by doing hands on as opposed to listening to someone talk about concepts.

Really my only complaint is where it stopped. I understand starting with an MVP and I realize we all need the 101 course starting out, but I feel like I have a shiny set of new tools, learned how to build the walls, but now I don’t actually know how to put them together to make the house. Obviously, I can continue to work to Frankenstein info together from different places and log hours at the University of Google, but it’s just so painfully inefficient compared to having all the relevant info in one go to spot like this.

I imagine this is how people felt at the end of Half-Blood Prince when Dumbledore dies and they had to wait a year for Deathly Hallows to find out how things would end. Thankfully, I didn’t read HP till I was 27, so I didn’t have to wait, but I now have a new found empathy for their pain.

But for real, this course is fantastic. I’ll definitely be recommending it to anyone looking for a coding course. Please hurry and release the next one soon so you can take my money and I can get to making web apps.

—‬ Vance Fite
I think it's great - it goes beyond the fundamentals. The hardest part of my journey so far has been working with APIs and this really helped with that. Most coding resources throw a problem at you and expect a solution. None of them show you how to walk through how to break it down like this course. 
Ryan Doyle
Ryan is a fantastic instructor.  Though I've got a decent amount of experience with Python, Ruby has always been a mystery to me.  After going through the course, not only do I have a solid grasp of Ruby, but I actually enjoy using the language.  The course is extremely valuable and entertaining!
Michael Fisher